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Craft Beer Channel’s Brad Evans and Jonny Garrett have been busy writing another book. Part where to drink and part exploration of London beer culture ’The London Craft Beer Guide’ features 40 of the best pubs, breweries and taprooms across the capital. Organised around London boroughs from North to South, East to West, every corner is full of hidden gems to discover. Find new favourite brews with descriptions of the best to taste at each location, and pairings notes to enjoy alongside food. As well as the beer itself, this guide gives you unique insight into the people behind the casks, with exclusive interviews and photography that reveal the history and personality behind each sip.

Out in early February the book is currently available for preorder from Amazon. Whether you’re a Londoner looking for your new local, or a visitor hoping to navigate the city’s best craft-brewing spots, The London Craft Beer Guide will provide plenty of inspiration. To find out more about the Craft Beer Channel click here to read our interview with Jonny Garrett in issue 3 of Hopulist.

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