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Signature Brew backs indie music venues

London-based Signature Brew is yet again supporting Independent Venue Week (IVW) – a week-long celebration of over 200 music venues across the country from 29 January.

Signature, which has its roots in making beer with music, will be supplying beer to IVW events for the third year running and hoping to help give venues a boost on what is traditionally the quietest week of the year.

Signature Brew co-founder Tom Bott explained: “It’s a terrific event and a great way for us to reach our audience whilst supporting those independent venues that have so much in common with small craft beer breweries. We share the same passion for our trade and also many of the same difficulties so it’s great to support it and also discuss ideas and experiences with them.”

Many bands which have since gone on to make it big, come back to their small, hometown venues as part of the week, and punters will be able to enjoy rip-roaring tunes and quality brews in equal measure.

Signature also usually brews a limited edition beer for the event, so check out to find the nearest one to you.

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