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The wonder of Brew(Dog)

Scottish craft beer pioneer BrewDog is celebrating after winning an appeal on a legal battle over the name of its third most popular beer, Elvis Juice. The company were hit with a trademark infringement over the name of its grapefruit IPA by the Estate of Elvis Presley and initially lost the ruling. However, after an appeal, BrewDog came out victorious and was allowed to keep the name of the beer.

To mark the victory, BrewDog will be rewarding anyone who turns up at any of its bars in the UK, Barcelona, Brussels or Berlin dressed as Elvis this weekend (3-4 Feb) with a free schooner of Elvis Juice. A statement by the company explained: “As the third best-selling craft beer in the UK (Punk IPA and Dead Pony Club are one and two) we are psyched that the obvious lack of crossover between the legacy of the King of Rock & Roll and our beer has been rendered in black and white. We stand up for what we believe in. The ruling is a vindication of that and a victory for the right-minded.

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