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Start your own craft brewing empire

Ever wanted to start your own craft beer brewing empire? Of course you have – and now you can thanks to a new mobile app game that allows you to build that empire from scratch, covering all aspects from beer types to production to bottle and can design.

Brew Town is the name of the game and it is available for free now on Android and Apple devices and it offers 150 flavours to customise with, unlockable beer types, over 50 different kinds of brewing structures and zero hangovers. It’s a simulation game with multiple unlockable extras that will keep you coming back for more as you take on the craft beer world your way.

For the design aficionados among you, there is even a hall of fame for the best bottle and can designs in the game. We’ve just started playing and already seem to be on some sort of time shift – where did those last few hours go?

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